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Messages posted by: youngz baron
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Guys, i was wondering if anyone can put these songs online for me, coz i lost these CD at the last party i was the DJ. i need them for the next party...

"Amanda la belle" By Karmapa. off his first album
"Toucher Jouer" by Ferre Gola, off the SI album
"Voiture" by Kibens i think, off the KYY album
"Kaokokokorobo" by Papa Wemba..

I count on all of you guys to help me with this..

I love the way he sings... this is a good demonstration of a good singer.
EMO75 wrote:
Werra wrote:Werra & wife receiving a blessing

I thought Werrason's wife was cute. Any way the ugly ones we dont share

This is plain stupid and dumb coming from an adult... i wonder sometimes why people don't think before making statements or comments... it's not your fault, you really don't know who and what power mama Sylvie Mampata la fille de Sacramento has in kinshasa... well in congo we say "if you never lived in that house, you will never know which part of the roof leaks..."
He started as WMMM spoke person.... His job was basically to shout around werra. for say when werra is walking, he gonna be at the back or front yelling crazy things like "yooooo this is the king of the jungle, the one and only ngiama makanda ya ntsone.... by the way, look at what shoes he is wearing, not more than 3 people have... yooo check out his smile.."
Than when werra had a concert at Bercy, the whole WMMM came so that's how Sankara got to europe.... they are so loyale to werra to the point that when Les Marquis stole the title "Miracle" for their album, sankara and his buddy Made an album with the same name...
He is more like the second father of ideology in Congo......... This guy can make anyone look better...
Humm Sankara de Kunta and his buddy Blaise element and King Tekila.. it's like a team of die hard Werra's Fans
Dr.Frank wrote:
Tamando wrote:

Brussels Hit parade (sources include Musicanova, Matonge Music, etc)

2 SI
3 DC
5 Temoignage
7 Point Noire
8 Nkunzi lele
9 epanza
10 mamu national

I've never seen these guys making a mark on a paper when I buy a CD.
Or do they count every evening how many CDs from these artists are still in stock and then they mail it to TopcongoFM?

Prof_Nuna wrote:This gossip of who is wealthier is just hearsay. The truth is Werrason seems to have only and only one advantage. The friendly surrounding of fans most of them poor and Bandundu who just lost all hope except for their hero Werrason. But JB has his fans too. Now if we were to believe that Werrason suffered (I do not believe this for a minute since he broke away with the cash, with Adolphe from a rich family, Didier Masela, and some others) how come the Kinshasa tabloids did not write about this. Yes, he has always mentioned that he (Werrason) started from scratch. But this is not exactly true. He swindled JB out of Feux 'amour proceeds and had veterans Didier Masela, Adolphe, and others to start with. And we know about the Bandundu elder advice that they gave him. Your story that Werrason came to your house is one of those similar stories we have heard. One person (on a previous discussion group) used to tell us that he had inside info from Kinshasa about an upcoming cd from Koffi that will silence everybody. We are yet to see such a album from Koffi. Writing as you write, you would like us to believe that Kinshasa is a small village town where all information is in palms. Many here live in big cities, and cannot claim to know all what goes on into each musicians life and let alone bank accounts. Yes, there are few sponsors in Congo for the many music groups that are there. But that is not the only source of info. As somebody wrote, JB must have some magic to employ so many without pay. Do you really believe that? At one time, Werrason is supposed to be this unique manager and mentor of the best. How come that he managed to poach from BCBG (Anya Star, Aimelia, Burkina Faso), QL (Brigade, dancer), Papa Wemba (Mogratana), and now found the services of an ex-Wenge BCBG keyboard player. I am not saying this is wrong for him to hire but it does coincide with the superlatives of a master manager and one who hires only the best. And then now we know the biggest exodus of his best singers & guitarists (Ferre, Bill, JDT, Japonaise, etc.). So, what really to believe? You remind me of a dear Congolese friend a staunch Mobutuist who used to say that there is no way Mobutu could be removed from power since he was guarded by castrated men (meaning with no feelings or other wants but to serve honorably). What hapenned?

The difference is that i've not only seen werra come get money form us, but i also know how he suffered when he didn't know what to do.. he even got to a point where he wanted to stop music, but thanks to Koffi, Tshala muana, and guys like P. Roger Ibuna, Kinuani, Theo Mbemba , today we call him IGWEEEEEEEE
Tamando can wonder all he wants.. i know my city and the lifestyle we live... so let him teach me something..

Ms.Congo, you don't even have to tell him nothing, his conscious tells him that this guy knows what he his talking about, but he just don't understand why i had to be a member of afromix.. now there are no more rumors, coz le barozo can tell it the way it is..

HERI otie bango contre mur.... now i'm waiting on SLY to come show us the JB's home he noticed..
Amen...!!!!! no saying that there was Werra's fan going on JB's side
Yvonne wrote:
youngz baron wrote:Waiting on it with my hands wide open.......
OK for you Baron... Destination

It's working!!!!!!
Merci grave.. thanks a lot
SLY wrote:
youngz baron wrote:Wanting to be like koffi, he ended up using all his money and now he ain't got any
He used up all his money!! How much is left in his bank accounts now?I notice he has more employees than his competitors and it's rare that his employees leave him so this shows that he can afford to pay them,i have seen him on videos driving in GMC,VW & LINCOLN 4 wheel drive jeeps and they don't come cheap,it would be a coincidence if has been hiring these vehicles in all the time i have seen him.I also notice he has a decent mansion in Mont Fleury just like Koffi and Werra.I don't think he is broke but yes,his finances have gone down a little bit as he doesn't rely on Didi Kinuani or Jose Kongolo for handouts like his colleagues.

C'mon Jb owns a land not a house in mont-fleury......... where did you notice it at?
Yvonne.... i was so excited to see Destination, but when i tried to play it, it didn't work...
Kieeeekieee, me being congolese is not even something you can question...
Wonder all you want!!!! JB owns a land in Montfleury, with no house in it.. you don't know that Koffi broke the wall of that home to reveal that there is ony land but not a house yet?????? ok, let this congolese guy tell you more about your own tshituka...
Hummm le Barozo's B-Day was lovely... it was crazy, but why didn't you come to DC?????? orakati makinu..
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